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Expertise in Technical art

At GWai we offer top quality
technical art and illustration,
design and product visualisation,
graphic design and website design services
to those who require uniquely individual,
accurate, vibrant and engaging work.

What we offer . . .

We at GWai offer top quality art and illustration design services, graphic design, technical art and website services to those who require uniquely individual, accurate, vibrant and engaging work.

​This website shows a small - but representative - proportion of our work to date. Please use the top menu to select your areas of interest. There are many exciting subjects, styles, and categories to view.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please check out the Galleries or Techniques sections which show an ever-increasing portfolio of our work to date.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please just email us.

We have completed projects in a huge number of areas. Hopefully, you will appreciate what you see, and wish to commission artwork.
Please email your enquiries and/or requirements to:
Or, just call us on +44 (0) 7797 755705

Pricing and Feedback . . .

Our prices vary with the subject, illustration style, level of detail, complexity and amount of research involved - also the anticipated deadline.

Please contact us if you need any clarification. We are always very happy to discuss any areas related to our work.
Lastly, we would really appreciate any constructive comments about our work, new ideas, new designs, approaches, techniques or how you believe our work could be improved It's always great to hear what people think. Thank you so much for all your feedback so far. We love new challenges and ideas, so please let's hear them!

With best wishes,

Griff Wason

I should add that ALL the artwork shown on this website is just that... Artwork. There are no retouched or embedded photos, or photos at all - except in some of the info areas and blog . . . I only mention this as every once in a while we get a few comments telling us otherwise - I suppose that should be taken as a compliment!


Hello! We have received loads of feedback - it is really great to hear what people think and for some of the fantastic suggestions. Anyway, we have listened, and found the time to create a new and even more fully featured site.

We have tried to include as much new artwork as possible, and also to present it in new and accessible ways. Please, let us know what you think - we read everything! :)

Contact us